Aerospace Applications

Aircraft safety placards, call buttons, seat controllers and in-flight entertainment panels can’t wear away – even after hundreds of flights and thousands of passengers. Aircraft manufacturers know that if they want their in-mold decorations to withstand the test of time, they need to choose materials that are tough enough to endure heavy use.

Hytech Forming Systems has developed leading-edge technology that creates in-mold decorated parts that last. For a placard or icon to be permanent, it needs to be manufactured from chemical and scratch-resistant material. These materials offer longevity, but are notoriously difficult to work with. That’s where Hytech Forming Systems comes in. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we produce in-mold decorated parts using even the most challenging materials.

IMD and Embossing Consistency and Repeatability

Every airline standardizes its placards and human interfaces, which means that a placard in one jet must match the placards in all of the airline’s other jets. Our technology offers excellent repeatability, allowing us to deliver consistent results time and again.

V-0 Rated Materials

In-mold decorated parts for the aerospace industry must adhere to certain federal standards. One such standard states that all of the materials on the plane be V-0 rated. Using V-0 resin and V-0 film, we create in-mold decorated parts that have an overall V-0 rating.

Full-Service Production Facilities in the US and Europe

Hytech Forming Systems maintains facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom. From these two facilities we are able to service the biggest players in the aerospace industry.

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