Military Applications for Forming & Embossing Technologies

Reliability in the harshest of environments is a key concern for suppliers of products for military applications. Product design for military applications varies significantly from other industries. In order to meet the demands of military applications, material selection and mechanical design must be considered together. Designs and materials that are suitable for appliance or automotive may not be suitable for military application.

For manufacturers of military related products Hytech offers a combination of industry leading manufacturing processes with extensive knowledge of materials. We use this combination of process and material knowledge to assist our military customers to select the right material and process for their application.

The unique low-stress forming technologies used for embossing and deep draw forming open up the options for materials. The scratch and chemical requirements of military products present a challenge for forming. Often the films used for Military applications are coated, laminated or co-extruded materials. As a result, the forming process used for embossing or forming must apply minimal stress during processing. Hytech ProForm® and AccuForm®technologies are proven to minimize stress during forming.

Embossing Services and More

We provide a full complement of services to military device manufacturers, including:

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