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What do cars, jets, hospital beds and refrigerators have in common? They all need embossed or in-mold decorated parts.

Embossing and IMD Technology Across Industries

Hytech Forming Systems has developed cutting-edge technology for manufacturing embossed and in-mold decorated parts with precision and repeatability. Because these parts are so common, we have experience working with a wide range of industries, including:

  • Automotive: With our innovative technology, we form tick marks on speedometers and tachometers with accuracy. We also manufacture in-molded capacitive switching. Our technology is used to make parts for some of the auto industry’s biggest players for decades, including General Motors, Volkswagen and Ford.
  • Consumer Appliances: We assist appliance manufacturers with embossing services for touch panels, membrane switches, and human interfaces for washing machines, ovens and microwaves. We also provide assistance with in-mold decorated parts, such as refrigerator drawer handles and washing machine faceplates.
  • Telecom: Hytech makes many of the aftermarket cases that consumers purchase for their smartphones on our machines.
  • Medical: Hytech helps medical device and equipment manufacturers make a range of items, including embossed membrane switches for hospital beds, embossed overlays for IV pump systems, and in-mold decorated parts for handheld medical devices.
  • Aerospace: Aircraft manufacturers rely on us for in-mold decorated placards, buttons, and housing for in-flight entertainment systems. Because these parts require durability and long life, we make these parts using durable, scratch-resistant materials.
  • Military: We assist defense contractors with control units and embossed panels for a wide range of military vehicles and tools. Defense contractors often need to use materials that are difficult to form – that’s why they turn to us. We have the technology, experience, and know-how to transform even the most difficult materials into quality parts.

Industry Leader Providing Comprehensive Services

As a full-service facility, we help our customers turn their designs into reality. By recommending materials and offering design assistance, we help form the future.

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