Die Cutting & Trimming Services

Laser workstation
Laser workstation
Tox 15 ton punch press
Tox 15 ton punch press

Hytech’s die cutting and trimming services were originally added to compliment and support our forming capabilities. Today, customers utilize our industry leading trimming services even when forming is not needed. For 20 years, we have been evolving our trimming services to provide customers with the right solutions to their specific application. Hytech engineers will review the product specifications, material call outs and volume requirements to select the most cost effective solution for your trimming project.

Offering a variety of die cutting tools and processing options means our customers get the best solution for their projects. Hytech trimming services include:

Offering a variety of tooling and processing options means our customers get the best solution for their projects. Hytech trimming services include:

  1. Steel rule die cutting
  2. 2D and 3D match metal die cutting
  3. 2D and 3D laser cutting

The Right Equipment for Die Cutting, Trimming and More

In order to provide the best quality trimming services, Hytech utilizes industry-leading equipment. For steel rule die and match metal die cutting, we utilize well-known industry standard equipment from Tox and Komatsu. For our laser cutting service, we utilize equipment from Universal laser. Hytech will continue to invest in high quality equipment to provide customers with the highest quality trimmed parts.

The Right Die Cutting and Laser Cutting Tooling

Whether die cutting or laser cutting acrylic and other materials, Hytech has your tooling solution. In addition to providing the trimming, we also build all our die cutting tools. In-house tool fabrication reduces cost and delays, and puts 100% of the responsibility for part quality in our hands. We build everything from simple laser fixtures all the way up to complicated two-stage 3D trimming tools, all in one place.

The Right Team for Your Project

Hytech employs a team of dedicated tooling designers, programmers and machinists to insure quick and accurate tool fabrication. In addition, through the company’s continuous improvement initiative, employees can continue their education on the latest techniques, tooling, and software related to manufacturing die cutting tools and fixtures.

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