Deep Draw Forming

Deep draw forming
Deep draw forming

If your project requires more than a simple emboss, Hytech offers forming services and equipment that allow for forming up to 1.375 inches deep (35mm). The patented Hytech AccuForm® high pressure forming process provides customers with ability to form a wide variety of materials and thicknesses for deep draw applications.

Deep Draw Forming Applications

Deep drawn plastic films have applications across a wide variety of industries and applications. Some examples include:

  1. Membrane switches requiring wrapped edges to protect sensitive circuitry from moisture or ESD.
  2. Automotive instrument clusters requiring complex deep draw 3D shapes with registered graphics.
  3. Packaging application requiring a registered graphics or specialized closure.
  4. 3D gaskets for electronics housing and other ESD applications.
  5. Functional deep draw plastic components where the formed shape provides a functional element.

This process is important because it provides manufacturers involved in the products/industries listed above with cost-saving alternatives. Some of the cost-saving benefits of deep draw forming includes:

  1. Eliminate layers: By utilizing the overlay on a membrane switch to provide the function of the switch and the ESD shielding in a single layer, you eliminate the need for an additional layer of material.
  2. Eliminate components: Deep draw forming of 3D features within a speedometer eliminates the need for additional components to create the desired 3D appearance.
  3. Eliminate tooling: Using deep draw thicker film with incorporated graphics allows manufacturers to produce rigid decorated parts without the need for costly injection mold tooling.
  4. Eliminate processes: Reducing layers and components also means fewer manufacturing steps and less labor.

The AccuForm Advantage

When compared to traditional thermoforming the Hytech AccuForm® high pressure-forming process is ideally suited for deep draw forming of decorative and/or functional films.

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